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Online Aura Readings by Rory & Scout Aura Arts

Detailed and Accurate Online Aura Readings

All we need is your photo!

Aura Readings can be done for yourself, a loved one, even a pet!

This is a digital file.  Once we receive your photo, your Aura Reading Report will be emailed to you within 2-5 days.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars.



Accurate Aura Readers

What are Rory & Scout Online Aura Readings?

Your aura says so much about you. For those lucky enough to see auras, a multitude of information is available, just by looking at your aura. However, most people can’t see auras.

We would love to share your aura with you!

Our Online Aura Readings enable you to upload your picture right at checkout.  All we need is your picture to do your aura reading, and then we will email your detailed Aura Reading Report within 2-5 days!

What will an Aura Reading Tell Me?

A Rory & Scout Aura Reading will tell you so much about yourself.

An aura reading can reveal:

  • Your Complete Personality
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Weaknesses
  • Your Current Growth
  • Your Personal Motivators
  • Your Personal Pitfalls
  • Your Spirit Guides or “Guardian Angels”
  • Your Perfect Careers and Career Paths
  • Your Future Issues and How You Can Avoid Them
  • A Full Understanding of Your True Self

Because we also include an Intuitive Chakra Tarot Reading with our Aura Readings, you will also get direct answers to your questions. We pick these intuitively, without knowing your questions. This way we can provide unbiased answers as well as personal inquiries, intentions, and suggested meditations to promote your growth.

What is Included in My Aura Reading Report?

The Aura Reading Reports include the following:

  • The dominant colours of your aura
  • What these colours say about you
  • Messages from your Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angels
  • Personalized intentions to increase your vibrations
  • Personalized meditations to balance your chakras and expand your aura

All that is needed to complete your Custom Aura Painting is a picture of you (or whoever’s aura you would like painted).

How do we do our Aura Readings?

We have practiced, and honed our aura reading skills to give you the most accurate aura reading as possible.

All  we need is a picture of you!

After reviewing your submitted picture to make sure it fits our requirements, we follow this order while doing our aura readings:

  • First, we use our pendulum to make sure we have permission to connect to your higher self
  • Then, we look for symbols from your spirit guides. Usually we will get a first initial of their name and a gender. We know when they are related to you, and if they passed before or after you were born. As well, sometimes the guides show us their symbols that they use to communicate with you. Whatever messages they have to give, we will put all of the information in your Aura Reading Report.
  • Next we will assess the colours in your aura. We will tell you the exact shades and tints of at least the 3 main colours in your aura, and what these mean.
  • Then we assess your aura for any energy blockages, energy cords, etc. If any of these are present, we will tell you all about them and give you simple exercises to remove them.
  • Next, while channeling your energy, we intuitively pick 1-3 chakra tarot cards for you. These are great for answering direct questions you may have, as well as for giving insight into current situations. We detail all about the cards we picked for you, as well as your suggested path.
  • Lastly, we use a mental exercise to make sure our psychic connection to you is severed.

Once we have completed your Aura Reading, we put together your detailed Aura Reading Report.  It will be emailed to you 2-5 days within receipt of your picture.

What Kind of Picture do I Need to Send In?

All we need is a picture to do your Online Aura Reading.

Picture requirements are:

  • A picture with only the subject in it (no other people or pets)
  • Make sure it contains the whole head without cutting any of it off. It can also include the body, but doesn’t have to.
  • As much of a neutral, white background as possible

That’s it – that’s all we need to do your complete Aura Reading and Custom Aura Painting!

The picture can be recent, or from a while ago. However, we do suggest a more recent photo to make our readings as accurate and relevant to you as possible.

Photos can be uploaded during checkout, or emailed to us afterwards at

Are Rory & Scout Aura Readings Accurate?


We work very hard to make sure you have an inspiring, motivational, and highly accurate aura reading.

See our Aura Reading Testimonials here to give you an idea of our customer’s reactions.

We know you will be just as surprised, and impressed.

We also do Aura Readings that include a Custom Abstract Painting of your Aura.

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