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What is an Aura?

Your aura is the field of energy surrounding your body – sort of like a unique, colourful, swirling secret energy field that only some people are luckily enough to see.

Each aura is completely unique and absolutely beautiful.

We’d love to share your aura with you!

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Who Can A Custom Aura Painting and Aura Reading Be Done For?

Our Custom Aura Paintings can be done for anyone!

  • Yourself
  • A Loved One
  • An Infant
  • A Pet

Because all we need is a picture, our Custom Aura Paintings can also be done as a memorial for a loved one.

What Do Our Custom Aura Paintings Include?

Our Custom Aura Paintings Include:

  • Your Beautiful, Framed Custom Aura Painting
  • A Complete Aura Reading
  • A Detailed Aura Reading Report
  • An Intuitive Chakra Tarot Card Reading
  • Plus an extra or two!

What is Included in the Aura Reading Report?

The Aura Reading Reports include the following:

  • The dominant colours  of your aura
  • What these colours say about you
  • Messages from your Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angels
  • Personalized intentions to increase your vibrations
  • Personalized meditations to balance your chakras and expand your aura

All that is needed to complete your Custom Aura Painting is a picture of you (or whoever’s aura you would like painted).

Are our Aura Readings Accurate?


We work very hard to make sure you have an inspiring, motivational, and highly accurate aura reading.

See our Aura Reading Testimonials here to give you an idea of our customer’s reactions.

We know you will be just as surprised, and impressed.

We also do Online Aura Readings.  You can check them out here.


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