Your aura is visible even in photographs of yourself – so all we need to read your aura is picture of yourself (or your loved one, or baby, or pet).

Please see below for the picture requirements for our Aura Readings and Custom Aura Paintings.

You can upload your picture at checkout, or email it to us after at

Our aura readings will tell you so much!

First off, it takes most people a long time to understand their true self.  Our aura readings detail your entire personality, including many parts that you might try to hide from yourself.

What is included with our Custom Aura Paintings?

  • Your Beautiful Framed Custom Aura Painting
  • An Aura Reading
  • A Detailed Aura Reading Report
  • Intuitive Chakra Tarot Card Reading
  • Plus tons more!

Our Aura Reading Reports are 7+ pages in length and include:

  • Your Aura Colours and What They Say About You
  • Your Full Personality Including Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Messages from Your Spirit Guides or “Guardian Angels”
  • Identifying Any Energetic Blocks or Cords
  • Your Perfect Careers and Career Paths 
  • A Detailed Oracle/Tarot Card Reading
  • Suggested Crystals to Complement Your Aura
  • Personalized Intentions to Expand Your Aura
  • Personalized Meditations for Personal Growth
  • A Full Understanding of Your True Self

Auras are the energy that surrounds all living things. This energy reveals a lot about you.

You can real about about Auras  here.

We have practiced, and honed our aura reading skills to give you the most accurate aura reading as possible, as well as the most meaningful piece of art you have ever owned.

After reviewing your submitted picture to make sure it fits our requirements (please see question below for more details), we follow this order while doing our aura readings:

  • First, we use our pendulum to make sure we have permission to connect to your higher self
  • Then, we look for symbols from your spirit guides. Usually we will get a first initial of their name and a gender. We know when they are related to you, and if they passed before or after you were born. As well, sometimes the guides show us their symbols that they use to communicate with you. If so, we will put all of the information in your aura reading report.
  • Next we will assess the colours in your aura. We will tell you the exact shades and tints of at least the 3 main colours in your aura, and what these mean.
  • Then we assess your aura for any energy blockages, energy cords, etc. If any of these are present, we will tell you all about them and give you simple exercises to remove them.
  • Next, while channeling your energy, we intuitively pick 1-3 chakra tarot cards for you. These are great for answering direct questions you may have, as well as for giving insight into current situations. We detail all about the cards we picked for you, as well as your suggested path.
  • Then we paint your aura how we see it – each aura is so unique and makes an unforgettable piece of art.
  • Lastly, we use a mental exercise to make sure our psychic connection to you is severed.

Picture requirements are:

  • A picture with only the subject in it (no other people or pets)
  • Make sure it contains the whole head without cropping any of it off. It can also include the body, but doesn’t have to.
  • As much of a neutral, white background as possible

That’s it – that’s all we need to do your complete Aura Reading and Custom Aura Painting!

The picture can be recent, or from a while ago.  However, we do suggest a more recent photo to make our readings as accurate and relevant to you as possible.

Photos can be uploaded during checkout, or emailed to us afterwards at

We will email you once we receive a picture to confirm that it fits our specifications.

Usually we will get a first initial of their name and a gender.

We know when they are related to you, and if they passed before or after you were born.

As well, sometimes the guides show us their symbols that they use to communicate with you.

Sometimes your guides have much more to say about your energy than they do themselves.

Whatever information we get from your Spirit Guides, we will put all of the information in your aura reading report.



A Mala is a wonderful meditation aid, among many other things. Traditionally, a Mala is held while meditating. You would recite a Mantra while running each bead of the Mala through your fingers. The beads of the Mala are the perfect way for you to keep count of your Mantras while staying in a meditative state.

Our Chakra Collection Malas are also super high-vibrating pieces of crystal jewelry. Each one can be worn as a necklace, or bracelet – or held in your hand during meditation. They are the perfect way to intentionally work on your Chakra healing while connecting with some amazing crystals!

All of our Malas come in 3 sizes:

-108 Bead Traditional Mala $105

-88 Bead Midi Mala $88

-55 Bead Mini Mala $55

Each individual Mala will have several finishing options for you to choose from.  These include Hand-Made Natural Crystal Pendants and beautiful Silk Tassels.

You also have the option to include an Essential Oil Diffusing Lava Bead as well.

Once we receive your order, we hand-make your Mala just for you, your energy, and your specifications.

We hand-make each and every Mala specifically for their owner.  Once we receive your order, we hand craft the Malas within 2-5 business days.

In the rare occurrence that your Mala finishing option is currently unavailable, we will contact you for a suitable replacement.



Our company handcrafts all products within 2 days – 2 weeks.

Oftentimes, orders process faster than that but we can’t guarantee a faster processing time.

Online Aura Readings are emailed to you 2-5 days after we receive your picture.


Almost all of our products are made specifically for you once the order is placed. We do carry a little bit of stock of our best sellers. Please email us (or contact us here) if you need an order by an exact date. Whether in-stock or made to order, your order will ship out within 2 weeks from your order date (unless a custom frame is ordered).

Look for the following image if a product is ready for shipment immediately:





All of our products are listed in Canadian dollars.  Once you have checked out, your credit card company will exchange the price into your native currency.

For instance, if you live in the United States, your order would end up being approximately 30% less expensive currently.

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Also, see the “s” in  That also means you are shopping on a secure website.  Your information is protected and your credit card is safe!

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal.


Our Custom Aura Paintings come in a frame of your choice.  These will each have a white mat around the painting and a set of glass to protect the painting.

Our Deluxe Custom Aura Paintings are mounted on a gallery depth wood panel (1.5″ deep).  Then we coat it with a beautiful glass-life Art Resin finish.  These paintings are then mounted in a floating frame.

With all of our Custom Aura Paintings, you receive the Aura Reading & the Painting – it is just a matter of how the painting is finished – and your preferred look!

Rory & Scout paintings are available to be framed in the following sizes and colours:

Custom Aura Paintings
Custom Aura Paintings Framing Size Chart









Black Frame Close Up
White Frame Close Up








Although many of our paintings are displayed in other frames in their main pictures, this is for display purposes only.  The above frames are what you will receive with Rory & Scout Paintings.

All sizes of our frames have a 1 1/2 inch depth.

All paintings come with an acid-free white mat, whether framed or not.

All non-custom frames come in Black or White with a White mat. All unframed paintings come with a White mat.  Please contact us to order a custom frame before ordering.

We always love creating new paintings!

Please contact us for a quote or email us at



We are located in Canada but we will ship anywhere in the world!

Our company ships through the following carriers

*Canada Post and Your Local Post Office


We happily support and love our international customers!

We ship all International products through the post, or courier.

Rory & Scout is not responsible for duty or brokerage fees for international shipping. These charges come from your country during importation of your package.

We do our best to apply fair shipping costs to each order.

* Shipping costs are calculated automatically during checkout.

* We charge a low, flat shipping rate to be fair to all customers.


Our Flat Rate Shipping charges are as follows:

For orders shipped within Canada, shipping rates are:

Malas – $5

Custom Aura Paintings $15

Planners $10

For orders shipped to the United States, shipping rates are:

Malas – $9

Custom Aura Paintings $20

Planners $15

For orders shipped to the Rest of the World, shipping rates are:

Malas – $15

Custom Aura Paintings $40

Planners $20

Shipping estimate times will be displayed at checkout.

Online Aura Readings will be emailed out within 2-5 days of receipt of picture.  No shipping necessary.

All other orders are shipped out as soon as the item is crafted.  At most, all orders are shipped out within 2 weeks of ordering, unless a custom frame is required.  Usually, your order will be created and shipped out within a week!

Selecting expedited shipping during checkout does not ensure a faster processing time. Your product may still need 2 weeks to be handmade.



Please send us you question here.  We will respond within 1 business day.

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